Cleaning Magic!

How to keep your slushie machine sparkling clean in 5 minutes a day!


  1. empty drip trays,
  2. wipe all machine surfaces, including air intakes. Never use abrasive wipes or cleaning products.
  3. clean tap spout with clean kitchen towel or sanitary wipe.
  4. switch the machine to “chill” function overnight.

This should be the minimum you do – please note, that, if you run dairy-based products, you will need to completely clean the machine as per the recommendations of the product provider

  1. empty your machine and retain the mix (insert a block under the back of the machine to help you drain the last, annoying drips out!).
  2. fill the tanks with warm water and half a cup of Slushie Co sanitiser.
  3. allow to run for 5 – 10 minutes without freeze or chill function on.
  4. when visibly satisfactorily clean, drain and flush thoroughly.
    NEVER use an abrasive pad or product.
  5. Remove the tap plunger, lubricate the ‘O’ rings, and replace.
  6. refill the machine, either immediately, or in time for next use.


  1. Empty and complete the weekly cleaning routine.
  2. completely disassemble the machine, thoroughly clean the bowl seals (or ‘gaskets’) and complete the shaft seal lubrication routine, as per the instructions in your manual. If you have an Ugolini, then you don’t have to do this!
  3. LOCATE and CLEAN the air filter. If no air filter is fitted, use a dustpan and brush to gently clean the cooling fins of the refrigerating ‘core’. Check your manual for it’s proper location.
  4. When completed, please sign and date the Cleaning Register (if you keep one)