KooLTailS – Our Cocktail Range

Want your next Party to be Kool? Then, we have you covered!
Whether a Kids’ Party or an 18th or a 50th .. or any other Very Special Occasion, we have a package for you.
Our Cocktail Slushie machines not only look great, they are extremely easy to use and always prove to be a very popular and super-exciting addition to a Party.
ALL our packages include delivery, installation and set-up and training; and then collection and (best of all) the cleaning. All you have to do is switch it off once finished.
ALL of our KooLTailS Party Packages include mixes of your choice, cups and straws, and you may also purchase additional supplies, if needed.

Our Mixes
Our KooLTail range of cocktail mixes is expertly formulated using a blend of real fruit juices and flavourings to produce a sumptuous and genuine tasting version of the Cocktail, requiring only the addition of a neutrally-flavoured alcohol, such as vodka or white rum to finish it off.

Of course, our Cocktail mixes can also be used without alcohol, becoming “Mocktails” .. or, just really cool and exotic tasting slushies!  (if adults and children will be at the party, the adults can simply add alcohol to their cups).

When making the Cocktails using a Slushie machine, the mix requires about 1 litre of alcohol per tank (per bottle), to be supplied by you.
Recommended alcohol is next to each description. Note that nothing else is needed, just alcohol and water. All flavour is contained within our concentrates. The following are descriptions of the cocktails as they would normally be served (at a bar).


Bracketed colour describes how it appears in the machine (some people order by colour):

  • Mango Daiquiri (Yellow) – It’s Mango, it’s Daiquiri. Add White Rum or Vodka.
  • Strawberry Daiquiri (Red) – It’s Strawberry, it’s Daiquiri. White Rum or Vodka
  • Fruit Tingle (Purple) – Banana, Passionfruit, Orange and Pineapple. Triple Sec, Curacao and/or just Vodka
  • Carribean Crush (Orange) – Tropical and Mango. White Rum.
  • Pina Colada (Pale orangish yellow .. or is it yellowish orange?) – Pineapple and Coconut. White Rum.
  • Cosmopolitan (Red) – Cranberry Juice and Lime Juice. Vodka.
  • Attitude (Light Orange) – Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Tropical Punch. Rum and Vodka.
  • Margarita (Very Light Green) – Lime Juice and Lemon Juice. Triple Sec and Tequila.
  • Illusion or Melon Mist  (Green) – Honey Dew Lemon, Pineapple Juice. Vodka, Rum and a hint of Contreau.
  • Sex on the Beach (Red) – Cranberry Juice, Peach, Orange. Vodka.
  • Blue Hawaii (Blue) – Pineapple juice, Blue Curacau, Coconut and White rum or Vodka
  • Ice Cafe Coffee
  • Ice Cafe Chocolate