Natural Plastic Clear Cups


Good-looking, sturdy cups made from High Quality Plastic. Won't crack, shatter or squish!


We supply 4 popular sizes of plastic cups, of which the three larger sizes have matching dome-lids available.  These sizes have been chosen because they cover most slushie serving requirements.

Matching dome lids have their own section from which you may select your requirement, perhaps after deciding which cups you want.

The “chug” cup is often bought by School Canteens to serve small treats to Our Very Littlest Customers .. tho’ they have gotten their name because some bigger kids like to get them and “chug” them in one go … oof! … brain-freeze for sure!

Cup Size Qty per box Cost Cups per sleeve Cost
Chug 104ml 2500 $228.75 100 $11.89
Small 200ml 1000 $90 50 $5.85
Med 285ml 1000 $117 50 $6.50
Large 425 1000 $145 50 $8.25