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The Slushie Co looks after Slushie Machines. We are SPECIALISTS & EXPERTS!

The Slushie Co carries spares for and can service and repair most reputable brands of machines.

These include: Ugoloni (of course!), BRAS, BUNN, Sencotel, Carpigiani, GBG, Spin, Arctic Dream, CAB Faby, Promek, Icetro, Jet Ice, SPM, IMI Cornelius. We do not repair Chinese machines, but we will service them and replace parts.

If your machine needs service, or is behaving strangely or is broken, please call us!


To help you to avoid having to make an SOS call, we would like to pass on some of the accumulated wisdom of thousands of hours spent fixing MOSTLY UNNECESSARILY broken Slushie Machines.

First, and most basic advice is:

  • R.T.F.M. This stands for ”READ THE FLIPPIN’ MANUAL”. We estimate that 90% or more people NEVER do this. Be EXCEPTIONAL! It could save you hours of time and hundreds, if not thousands, of $$$s

Otherwise, here are some tips for keeping your Slushie Machine (whatever brand) healthy.


  • Do not water-down your slushie mix! :-
    #1. it will not taste so good – false economy.
    #2. it will stress and damage your gearbox.
  • For the same reasons – please, use a proper slushie mix! We have had to repair and replace so many gearboxes because people believe that you can shove any mix into your Slushie Machine. You may get away with (apparently) for a while but, if the brix (antifreeze) isn’t right, and it usually isn’t, you will be stressing the drive train. Expensive repairs will eventually ensue.
  • Set your machine to ‘CHILL’, every night. If you don’t and you leave it on “Freeze” your mix will get steadily more frozen, turning the slush into unpleasantly crunchy, over-sized ice crystals that your Lovely Customers will not enjoy (and possibly will never come back!) and could, eventually, lead to some damage occurring to your machine. If you do accidently leave your machine on freeze overnight, you may find the exterior of the tanks covered in ice … just leave it .. it will melt when you switch it to “CHILL” next time. PLEASE DO NOT USE A KNIFE OR SHARP OBJECT TO ATTEMPT TO CHIP THE ICE OFF.
  • NEVER switch the machine on when there is frozen, solidified ice in it. You WILL damage the gearbox!
  • NEVER, EVER put just water in the machine and switch it on with either the freeze or chill on. You can very quickly smash your gearbox!!
  • To limit night-time overflowing drip trays, simply hang a tea-towel over each tank. This is NOT to soak the condensate up, but to stop moist air circulating around the tank and constantly producing more condensate.


  • CLEAN your machine once a week, at least. Use the procedures either described in your Manual, or shown you by your installer. If using dairy-based product, this should be more frequent.
  • CHECK OUT our “CLEANING MAGIC” tips for a fast, effective way of cutting your cleaning time!
  • NEVER use any sort of abrasive on your tanks or other smooth plastic surfaces of the machine. You will quickly cause irreparable and unsightly damage.
  • ALWAYS lubricate the tap (faucet) ‘O’ rings or seals during your cleaning procedure. If you don’t, they will leak .. all over your floor, during the night!


Like you, Slushie Machines must BREATHE! The most expensive and disruptive damage can occur to your slushie machine if you do not keep the air-pathways clear. The exorbitant cost of replacing a “cooked” compressor often means writing off the whole unit.

  • Locate and CLEAN your machine’s Air Filter! These come in a variety of shapes and sizes – look in your manual as to how yours is fitted. Usually, you can brush the mesh with a soft brush or, if greasy or sticky, wash it in warm, soapy water. Shake dry before refitting.
  • In some machines, an air filter may not be fitted. When you remove the air intake covering panel, you will find that the machine’s evaporator ‘core’, without a filter covering it. Use a soft brush to sweep it clean. If it is really dusty and dirty, then use a fine water mist spray first to stop the dust from flying everywhere. If it has become so greasy and sticky that it cannot be cleaned effectively, then call a service engineer to service your machine.

* Deep cleaning of the core is best left to your service technician to do at least once per year.


  1. Have your machine serviced at least once, every year. Winter is a good time.
  2. Make sure your service company knows your machine, report to them any parts that are looking worn, or any strange sounds or behavior .. they can bring necessary spares with them.

ALWAYS…  be aware of your slushie machine’s sounds. If they change, or it doesn’t seem to operate properly (e.g. not freezing up as fast as it should) and you can’t figure it out, call in a qualified service technician (that includes The Slushie Co!) – making sure that they understand, before attending, your nature of your concerns.

Learn More About Cleaning Your Machine
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