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the Original

We say “Home of the Original Slushie Company” because The Slushie Co invented the term ‘Slushie’ in 2003 to describe our product, a delicious fruity frozen drink, to help differentiate us from the rest.

Up until then, frozen beverages were called Icees, Slurpees, Slush Puppies, Freezies, Granitas, occasionally slush or even “slushy” .. but never “slushie”! It was our invention of this version and use of it in all our branding that established it.

Briefly… The Slushie Co “GREAT SLUSHIE SERVICE” means we supply:

  • Slushie machines – we proudly supply the Ugoloni range of machines – which we believe are the best you can get for most applications!
  • Slushie Machine Rental service – short or long-term! Short term is very much subject to availability .. demand is very high. However, our capacity to supply Rent 2 Buy is almost infinite!
  • Slushie juices and mixes with which to make ‘em – with constant research and renewal, these are the very best you can get!
  • We are particularly proud of our Healthier Choice Fruchilla Natural 99% Fruit Juice – rates 4.5 Health Stars and registered with the Healthy Kids organisation for School canteens.
  • Cups and straws and dome lids – the range you need with which to serve ‘em – we offer both conventional, high quality plastic and our new range of bio-degradable cups and dome lids!
  • Slushie technical knowledge and manpower to maintain the machines – the best you can get!
  • Slushie know-how and experience, to make sure you can make and sell the best!
  • Slushie banners, posters, displays and branding, to grab your slushie customers continuing support and care service to make sure your operation is the best you can get!
  • Customer Service Call – in the busy months, every two-weeks – we call you!
  • Delivery – if you’re in Sydney Metro – next day delivery service – to make sure you never run out!
  • 24hr, 7 day week answer service – yes, we’re always there to help! within Sydney, a replacement machine service – if we can’t fix it immediately, we replace the machine (conditions apply)
  • Honest and sincere discussion and advice. Apart from our natural inclination to be straightforward, we really can’t be bothered to weave webs of lies .. why should we, when we have so much hard-earned truth to pass on? …


    What our customers say

    Fudge shop

    I’ve been doing business with the Slushie Company for five or six years, and have always found them a pleasure to deal with. Their strawberry daiquiri and margarita mixes are real favourites with customers.

    Adam J, The Fudge Shop


    Takeaway Restaurant

    In the two months I’ve had my three-flavour Slushie machine from the Slushie Co I’ve already sold over 700 cups. Raspberry’s the favourite flavour to date. It’s a fabulous machine, as it regulates its own temperature, and I’ve had no trouble with it. A rival company bought a machine from another place and it broke down in the first week!

    John N, Menindee Fresh


    School Fair

    Many thanks for your support for our fair. You provided everything we needed for our Slushie stall, which I’m sure was the most popular by far. Having Slushie Co on board is always a pleasure, and we are so grateful for the help you have given us.

    Angela, Pacific Hills
    Christian School


    our clients