Fruchilla 99% Fruit Juice


Fruchilla lives by its slogan “taste the best of nature” by using 99% premium Fruit Juice Concentrate which has many positive health benefits including;

  • fruit-lemon-sliceNo Added Sugars
  • All Natural Colours & Flavours
  • Low GI
  • Zero Fat
  • Zero Cholesterol
  • Extra Added Vitamin C

Going to great lengths in order to get the juice approved by many schools and associations, Fruchilla is VSCA (Victorian School Canteen Association) approved, HACCP Accredited and meets all Australian canteen standards.




Your easy mixing formula for the best of nature taste:

  • You will be supplied with free special calibration bottles which are designed for easy mixing.
  • The concentrate we use has a mixing ratio of 1-part Juice Concentrate to 5-parts water.
  • 1 carton makes 60 litres of diluted ready to use Fruit Juice Concentrate for your slushie machine. Diluted Fruchilla expands by 10%, providing 66 litres of frozen drink for sale.
    • 250ml cups provide 264 serves per carton
    • 350ml cups provide 189 serves per carton
    • 450ml cups provide 147 serves per carton

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