How to Make Big Money on your Fundraiser Day!

Slushies are a great way to make good money at these events. One of our favourite Schools recently made over $2,000! We did lend them an extra machine – which we were happy to do – for free – because they have been such fantastic customers – and lovely people!

The Slushie Co, under it’s “Cool 4 School” service, gives back generously to its Lovely School Customers, in the following ways:

Free-On-Loan Schools: The Slushie Co makes a available, for FREE, enough Slushie Co Premium Original Slushie mix for at least one twin-bowl machine full to you, as part of the “Cool 4 School” package.

Rent-To-Buy Schools: The Slushie Co offers the same generous support to these Schools for the first three years of their program.

ALL SCHOOLS will get generous pricing on extra mixes, low-priced rentals on extra machines (where possible) and assistance to help them make record profits on their Fundraiser days!

How to Maximise the Opportunity on your Fund-Raiser Day!

This takes a little planning and timely action.

How many kids do you expect? How many cups will you sell?

Important answers to have if you are to take full advantage of the opportunity.

The Slushie Co is happy to discuss these estimations with you. Just say you conclude there may be about 300 to 400 kids attending, and you think that at least 200 will want slushies.

You don’t want to miss out, so allow for 250.

Selling at $3 each, that’s $600 to $750!

What that means…

If you are using the 300 mls cups as we suggest, then this will require 250 X 300mls = 75 litres of slush.

Yikes! That’s a lot .. the machine only holds 24 to 26 (at a push), so that’s 3 twin bowl machine loads you will need!

How will your slushie machine be able to keep up with that, won’t you be forever waiting for it to freeze-up?


This is the well-tried and tested way of producing hundreds of extra cups of slushie on demand, without ever running out!

What you need:

  • The extra mix necessary (The Slushie Co will happily help you work that out).
  • Open-topped containers (we find square-shaped plastic buckets from Bunnings are most efficient.
  • Cling film (or lids) to cover the buckets.
  • A large spoon or stirrer
  • A plastic beaker – 500 mls – 1 litre size
  • Extra refrigerator space


  1. Either the day before, or very early on your Big Day:
  2. Make up the planned quantity of mix, fill your machine to capacity
  3. Place the rest in canisters in your refrigerator (this will save freezedown time later).
  4. When the first batch is frozen, read-to-serve, empty it into your buckets, cover them, and place in the refrigerator (not in the freezer!).
  5. Replenish the machine and repeat the process until all your mix is frozen.
  6. Once you start serving on the Big Day, use the stored mix to top up the machine, as you go.

Mix stored overnight in the fridge will still be frozen in the morning.
When replenishing your machine, you will find that “a little and often” is
better than waiting for the machine to empty. When starting a new batch from the bucket, use the stirrer to make the mix into a smooth consistency, braking up lumps. Use the beaker to transfer the mix into the machine, rather than trying to pour it.