Single Flavour Soft Serve Machine

Single Bowl Soft Serve/Frozen Yoghurt Machine (Delivery Only)


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Our Soft Serve/Frozen Yoghurt machines are not available for pick up as it is extremely difficult to transport. If you decide to order one of our Soft Serve/Frozen Yoghurt machines please select the delivery option in the checkout page. If you fail to do so you will be contacted for your order regarding the additional charge for delivery. In your shopping cart you can get the cost of delivery by putting your postcode and suburb. If your postcode/suburb is out of our delivery range you will need to contact your branch to see if delivery is possible.

  • 1 Single Bowl Soft Serve/Frozen Yoghurt Machine
  • Vanilla soft serve/frozen yoghurt flavour, 100 serves
  • Free 100 cones or paper cups + spoons
  • Delivered, setup, cleaned and picked up