The Slushie Smiles School Fundraiser Program

We believe that, if we Support the School, we Support the Kids!

Our “Slushie Smiles” Program does just that. Through it, we can give back to our Schools and so support the Kids – our Precious Customers.

How does The Slushie Company’s “Slushie Smiles” Program work?

Yup, like your air miles program, every Great Slushie the Kids buy, earns “Slushie Smiles”.

And on your School’s Fundraiser Day – whether it’s your Carnivale, or a Summer Fete, or a Christmas Party, its time to collect!

The Slushie Company will donate FREE “Slushie Co Original Slushies” to your School’s Fundraiser, so that all the money generated from selling them, goes to your School.

The number of FREE Slushies donated are determined by the number of “Slushie Smiles” your School has earned.

Is it worth it?

ABSOLUTELY Definitely!! Many of our Schools have earned literally 100s of $$$s on their fund-raiser days!