Schools Slushies – You’ve Already Got Your Own Machine?

    Here’s the GOOD NEWS!
    The Slushie Co has a special “Cool 4 School” offering to Schools who have already acquired their own machine.

By virtue of being a School, you qualify for immediate benefits!

  • You are School Canteen, run by the P&C or School Management? Great! – You qualify for an immediate 14-day credit account!
  • You can immediately buy at School Canteen wholesale prices!
  • You qualify for the benefits of our Slushie Smiles Program!
  • You will receive a FREE A3/A4 high quality, waterproof Poster of your choice, with your first order (please remind us when ordering!)
  • Next Day delivery! Call us before 1.00p.m. and you get it next day!*
  • Order on-line, or call our 24/7 human answering service on 1300 79 33 50
  • You can lean on us! We are slushie machine experts and we will give you support and advice on how to most effectively run your slushie machine.
  • Your machine service and repair – we are experts and we handle most makes of machine, at very special rates. Got a problem? – call us!

Here’s more GOOD NEWS…!!

YOU WILL EARN GOOD PROFITS FOR YOUR SCHOOL, right from the start, when you buy from The Slushie Co!!
With an immediate credit account, you will have a chance to earn the money before you have to pay it!

How much do you earn?

Number of cups sold in Primary School, at least, are:

  • Smaller Primary School (250-450 kids): 5,000 – 9,000 cups per year
  • Larger Primary School (450-750 kids): 10,000 – 15,000+ cups per year
  • High Schools – sometimes – lots more!

When you Sell at the RRP of $2 per 200mls cup, you make MORE than $1.50 PROFIT per cup!