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How to Make Money for Your Sports Club

“Have you ever seen an unhappy kid, slurping a slushie? – NO!”

Did you know that, in the 2008 Bejing Olympic Games, many of the Australian Teams had their own Slushie Machines?

Want to know why? Read these articles here…

Sports Clubs particularly benefit from having their own slushie machine (or more, in some cases!).

This is because:

  • Slushies are a very healthy way for kids to rehydrate and to cool down, both before and after strenuous exercise.
  • Slushies are very healthy for the Club’s bank balance! Why give the money to already rich corporates by selling their pricey products, when you could be selling slushies at a much healthier profit for the Club?
  • You will delight your kids and encourage them to spend their money with the Club, rather than at a garage or fast food place, on their way home.

One more thing for your members to look forward to when they come to Club meets!

Most Clubs sell their slushies in 300ml serves, for between $2.50 and $3, $3 being the most common.

This means the Club is making between $2 and over $2.50 per serve.

Nothing else you can serve can give such satisfaction with s little effort, for such a high return.

It makes sense then, to sell slushies before other, comparative, beverages.

To maximise your Slushie sales:

  • POSITION your Slushie machine so that can be easily seen.
  • SPARKLE – keep the machine sparkling clean (see “Cleaning Magic”)
  • DISPLAY – make sure the light display works and switch it on! (keep a supply of replacement bulbs to hand).
  • MENU – have a menu stand with flavours and prices, attractively displayed on your counter
  • LOYALTY CARDS: “Every 5th Cup FREE!” works very well, if systematically maintained. The easiest way is to have a stamp and cards handy and be generous with kids that have lost their cards.
  • FREE GIVE-AWAYS – one with Every Cup! Tattoo and Crazy Band giveaways also work extremely well. Run these when sales are slow.
  • POSTERS – have one –or more – of our FUN posters displayed in high visibility and update and change them, from time to time.
  • NEW FLAVOURS – Every time a new flavour is introduced – promote it – ask for a flavour label from us!

Cash Control

Keeping Count – if you can count it, then you can manage it!

Sometimes we are asked “How do keep count of the number of slushies you sell?”

The answer is surprisingly easy and simple.

Cups! .. Use only recognizable cups for slushies and don’t use them for anything else.

Then, KEEP A COUNT OF THE CUPS! A tally of the cups used compared to the cash taken and the mix used, gives a pretty accurate picture of how things are going.

Portion control

ask your staff to resist being too generous when serving. An extra 30 mls of slush may not seem much but, once the habit has been established and you have served 5,000 slushies, that’s 500 (or $1,500 sale value) slushies you’ve given away!

Some DON’Ts:

Don’t be tempted to water-down your slushies to make extra profit:

  • First, your kids will notice and they won’t like it. Your sales will surely fall.
  • Second, you will stress and eventually break the drive mechanism in your machine

Don’t buy-in cheap slushie mix. Again, it is likely not to taste as good, and your sales will fall.

Don’t turn your machine’s freeze control up to the max so that the slush becomes over thick.

  • This is a false economy:
  • The additional volume gained by having thicker slush is minimal compared to the extra amount you give away because it can be piled so high.
  • For your machine, this is like running your car with your foot flat to the floor – the additional stress to the mechanical operation of your machine is likely to result in an expensive breakdown, eventually.
  • If you are not happy with the profitability of your slushies, it is better to simply slightly reduce each serving size. To do this easily, make a mental note of a mark on your slushie cup and only fill up to it.

How to Make Big Money on your Big Meet Days!

Many Clubs have one (or more) Big Days at the Club, when there are many more than the usual number of members, and Slushies are a great way to make good money at these events.

One of our long-standing Club customers regularly make over $2,000 profit over their 3 day annual Big Meet!

The big problem is usually how to meet demand.

To do this:

1. We rent our Clubs extra machines at very generous prices
2. We teach them the “Double Batching” method we describe below.

Double Batching

Done right, “double batching” can supply an inexhaustable amount of extra, ready-to-serve slush mix.

This takes a little planning and timely action.

How many kids do you expect? How many cups will you sell?

Important answers to have if you are to take full advantage of the opportunity.

(The Slushie Co is happy to discuss these estimations with you).

Just say you conclude there may be about 300 to 400 kids attending, and you think that at least 250 will want slushies.

You don’t want to miss out, so allow for 300.

Selling at $3 each, that’s $750 to $900!

What that means…

If you are using the 300 mls cups as we suggest, then this will require 300 X 300mls = 90 litres of slush.

Yikes! That’s a lot .. a twin machine only holds 22 to 24 (at a push), so that’s 4 twin bowl machine loads you will need!

How will your slushie machine be able to keep up with that, won’t you be forever waiting for it to freeze-up?

The answer is Double-Batching!

This is the well-tried and tested way of producing hundreds of extra cups of slushie on demand, without ever running out!

What you need:

The extra mix necessary (The Slushie Co will happily help you work that out).

  • Open-topped containers (we find square-shaped plastic buckets from Bunnings are most efficient.
  • Cling film (or lids) to cover the buckets.
  • A large spoon or stirrer
  • A plastic beaker – 500 mls – 1 litre size
  • Extra refrigerator space


Either the day before, or very early on your Big Day:

  • Make up the planned quantity of mix, fill your machine to capacity
  • Place the rest in canisters in your refrigerator (this will save freeze-down time later).
  • When the first batch is frozen, read-to-serve, empty it into your buckets, cover them, and place in the refrigerator (not in the freezer!).
  • Replenish the machine and repeat the process until all your mix is frozen.
  • Once you start serving on the Big Day, use the stored mix to top up the machine, as you go.
  • Mix stored overnight in the fridge will still be frozen in the morning.

When replenishing your machine, you will find that “a little and often” is better than waiting for the machine to empty.

When starting a new batch from the bucket, use the stirrer to make the mix into a smooth consistency, braking up lumps.

Use the beaker to transfer the mix into the machine, rather than trying to pour it.

Flavours: Choose very different flavours to those usually served.

Most popular have proven to be Pink Bubblegum (beautiful flossy pink colour and a really yummy bubblegum flavour) Vanilla Coke and Tropical.

If you have more than one machine, then having three flavours (although a bit more difficult to manage) is a big plus, because then you can put all three in a cup, to make Rainbow Slushies!

Posters and Banners .. make your display as colourful and fun as possible. The Slushie Co is happy to provide additional promotional material, if given reasonable notice.

We even have a limited number of reconditioned machines, ideal for Sporting Club Use. Contact Us Here to learn more!

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