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Why The Slushie Co?


Have you ever seen an UNHAPPY kid – slurping a Slushie? NO! “It was just the enduring excitement of the idea that set us off on The Quest for the Great Slushie!”

Why and how did we get started?

Hello, I’m Kit Peters and together with my son, Sam, founded The Slushie Co in 2003. It's a family business; Jenny, Sam's partner, between juggling mothering of three beautiful young kids, works with us, too. The Slushie Co started when we signed the first order for our first consignment of 32 machines in October 2003 and began supplying Great Slushies to Schools soon after that. It now seems to have been a natural progression, almost inevitable – like, “I need a new business - one where that I can raise enough capital to get a good start; one that I have enough brains for and the aptitude to make it really work, and one I could get started, running it from home. To add to all this “there’s already a company out there doing it, but not very well” and it might have seemed it just flowed from there. But, these reasons could have just as well launched a scuba-diving business, or a bakery perhaps, or resulted in the importation of the first Segways into Australia (very nearly did!).


As I said, there were many options before me, some which had a closer affiliation to the kinds of businesses I had been involved in before. .. “SKIRMISH” for instance; the paintball business I had started in the UK in 1983. It was very successful, become a world-wide phenomenon, had nearly forty franchises across the UK and Europe and lots of copy-cats – and is still going strong there now! Skirmish had been followed by KPEE - an extraordinarily innovative and high-profile marketing and conferencing business, dedicated to developing and launching new business products and concepts. We had remarkable success, serving very big companies in the promotion of high-profile products (Microsoft, Sony, IBM, BostonCG, BMG, McKinsey, Saatchi, Lloyds and many, many others).

So... slushies weren’t such an obvious fit!

However, I had come to Australia with my family in part, to escape the hectic demands of my hurly-burly life and so to get to know my kids and to be a dad! We all found that Australia really suited us very well and quickly became our beloved home. I became a house-husband and home-body, whilst my clever wife Nancy starred brilliantly as CEO of Mills & Boon publishing. I found a lot of happiness in this role .. looking after our kids, sharing their School joys and woes, and doing the cooking – and helping out in their School Canteens! I also kept myself occupied by qualifying as Business Counselor on the NSW Government DSRD program, mentoring on the excellent W.I.B. initiative, and working voluntarily with the BECs counseling their clients, sitting on a NEIS panel and engaging in various other small business consultation activities, mostly voluntarily. When son Sam and daughter Molly finished school and Nancy retired from senior executive life that I thought to start a business. Around now, the NSW Government announced its intention to implement their “Fresh Tastes” Healthy School Canteen Strategy, which it launched in October 2003. Amongst many other changes, the Healthy Canteen Strategy demanded that Canteens kick out all the sugary soft drinks then commonly sold (often in vending machines) with something much healthier and, vitally, that would keep the kids interested.

Like what?...

Damn… what about Healthy Slushies? Brilliant!

Back then, slushies were not much known; the sturdy old Slush Puppie had been around for years, but there was a big need for something a bit more exciting.. However, son Sam had become a slushie fanatic very young and so we already knew something about these little Cups of Joy .. The Great Thing about Slushies is that they punch far beyond their weight in producing delight, fun and excitement .. have you ever seen an unhappy kid, slurping a slushie?!! A new bicycle isn’t as exciting! That’s what did it .. kicked us off into The Quest for The Great Slushie - just the enduring excitement of the idea. All we needed now was… ummm - experts in the fruit juice business, and in the slushie machine business, and refrigeration experts, and packaging and marketing and … Yup, it was a long list alright, and years and lots of hard work later, I wonder that it all held together – the vital ingredient of good luck has a lot to do with it! Luck, like finding the expertise of the Rainbow Syrup Co who produce our Healthy Choice 99% Fruit Juice and do so consistently and reliably, often in difficult market conditions. Now, many years on, we serve, either directly or through distributors, over 150 Schools in NSW, as well as numerous Sports Centres, Servos, Stores, Clubs, Pubs, Restaurants, and one-off events and parties. Our HQ is in Brookvale - which give us good access to most of Sydney Metropolitan, and we’re well-served by our carriers, Fastway. Our purpose, our mission, is to help our customers serve Great Slushies. To do this, our Customers need Great Support! This is what we put our minds, hearts and souls into.

Briefly... The Slushie Co “GREAT SLUSHIE SERVICE” means:

  • Slushie machines - we proudly supply the Ugoloni range of machines - which we believe are the best you can get for most applications!
  • Slushie Machine Rental service - short or long-term! Short term is very much subject to availability .. demand is very high. However, our capacity to supply Rent 2 Buy is almost infinite!
  • Slushie juices and mixes with which to make ‘em - with constant research and renewal, these are the very best you can get!
  • We are particularly proud of our Healthier Choice Fruchilla Natural 99% Fruit Juice - rates 4.0 Health Stars and registered with the Healthy Kids organisation for School canteens.
  • Cups and straws and dome lids - the range you need with which to serve ‘em – we offer both conventional, high quality plastic and our new range of bio-degradable cups and lids!
  • Slushie technical knowledge and manpower to maintain the machines - the best you can get!
  • Slushie know-how and experience, to make sure you can make and sell the best!
  • Slushie banners, posters, displays and branding, to grab your slushie customers continuing support and care service to make sure your operation is the best you can get!
  • Customer Service Call - in the busy months, every two-weeks - we call you!
  • Delivery - if you’re in Sydney Metro - next day delivery service - to make sure you never run out!
  • 24hr, 7 day week answer service - yes, we’re always there to help! within Sydney, a replacement machine service - if we can’t fix it immediately, we replace the machine (conditions apply)

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